“Comme of Looks” 3: ROSEMARY

Which type of style best describes you?

 iggy azelea’s rita orea’s

Where do you usually shop or Which type of brand/brands do you prefer?

american eagle, forever 21, calnifornia kisses, nasty girl(grace send it to me and i fell in love with it but i didn’t buy anything from it YETTT)

Do you prefer to shop alone or with company?

campany plz

Any inspirations or motives?

I ggy

Do you get judged by what you wear? This can be directly or maybe as a joke, if so how do you reply?

yes i do (my friends r saying i always show my bra but actually it is ok to show a sports bra )

Do you adopt to new trends or do you create or do you ignore?

Has there came a case of you over dressing? what were wearing?

Have you seen anybody over dressing? What were they wearing?

grace today (glittering her hair god)

nah the letterman’s jacket is already back (never gone )white shirt and jeans (instead of guys wearing black tights plz(

Quote of the Year or favorite quote or quote of hope?

 I don’t have a word

comment: She did not answer all the questions as she reorganized it all for fun. She is an amazing person to look at if you want to be  inspired by her wonderful looks.

IMG_0438 IMG_1687


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