“Comme of Looks” 2: Ms.Mekhala

Which type of style best describes you?

Anything that’s comfortable,which for me means nothing too short, tight or revealing.

Where do you usually shop or which type of brand/brands do you prefer?

I do not believe in brand names. I buy from various places depending on the style and cost. I buy a lot of clothes from India because the fabric is cheap and the clothes are very colourful. I like colour.

 Do you prefer to shop alone or with company?

Alone. That way I don’t have to feel guilty if I take time choosing. Also, I don’t need other’s opinion when making a choice.

 Any inspirations or motives?

Indian fabrics, designs and colours. I get the motivation from the latest Indian movies.

 Do you get judged by what you wear? This can be directly or maybe as a joke, if so how do you reply?

Not so far. I have only received positive comments.

 Do you adopt to new trends or do you create or do you ignore?

When I lived in India, I tried to adopt new trends based on Indian movies. Now I don’t. I just wear what’s comfortable or easy to choose in the morning.

 Has there came a case of you over dressing? what were you wearing?


Have you seen anybody over dressing? What were they wearing?

I haven’t seen anyone.

 Are there trends that you feel should go through elimination?

Any trend that exposes undergarments should go out of fashion. I don’t understand what is fashionable in showing undergarments.

 Trends that you feel should come back again or retouched?

Dresses from the 50’s and 60’s

 If you could create one brand for a certain item what would you call it and why would you create this brand (motives)

I don’t know.

 Quote of the Year ? or favorite quote? or quote of hope?

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t see the shadow.” Helen KellerSDC12265


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