“Comme of Looks” 1: Martyna P.

Which type of style best describes you?


Where do you usually shop or which type of brand/brands do you prefer?

I prefer to do clothes by myself, that’s way I don’t shop in expensive places, because I have a feeling I can do it by myself. Though, one of my favourite brand is Desigual, because it is unique.

Do you prefer to shop alone or with company?

I’m not a big fan of shopping, so I prefer to do it by myself. Possible time spent in shops is much shorter then.

Any inspirations or motives?

My biggest inspirations are different pieces of art, especially modern, but also I find the style in music artists and other icons. Also, I’m finding complicated metaphorical meaning in basic objects, like balloons or umbrellas.

Do you get judged by what you wear? This can be directly or maybe as a joke, if so how do you reply?

I notice all weird looking people around me, but this just forces me to continue it. I like to pay people’s attention, even negative one. If someone judges me – I don’t care. I lived in too many environments with too many different styles, to actually do care. I am a free person, an individual, so I want to show piece of my personality by the clothing.

Do you adopt to new trends or do you create or do you ignore?

I’m not following world trends, because they change everyday. I am an independent person, who doesn’t enjoy matching to the group and finding in the corner. My style changes, when I change.

Has there came a case of you over dressing? what were you wearing?

Probably, quite often. Sometimes, I can’t find the balance between occasion and clothing, what might bring me to an awkward situation. However, I believe that whatever I will wear I will look good in it since I have enough self-confident – and that works for everyone.

Have you seen anybody over dressing? What were they wearing?

Since I live in Beijing I see much more over-dressed people than I used to. I think some people needs to understand that there’s possibility that this gold shoes is way too much‚Ķ

Are there trends that you feel should go through elimination?

Generally, I don’t get the popularity of sport shoes, like Air Max, New Balances, etc…

Trends that you feel should come back again or retouched?

Pants with high state! Silhouette looks much better in these, instead of those which shows your booty…

If you could wear anything but only 1 item from my magical closet which is going to appear as you continue reading, what would it be and why?

It would be a matched dress to the body and is sewed from soft material. It would make me look nice, girly and feel comfortable.


If you could create one brand for a creatin item what would you call it and why would you create this brand (motives)

It would be called Umbrellas Inc. and I would join there my art with fashion. I see it as an oasis of aesthetic experiences.

Quote of the Year or favorite quote or quote of hope?

When Amy Winehouse came to accept her prestige prize, she waited until the crowd stop the applause, what took about 2 minutes. When Amy realised she’s heard, she took a look at the audience and said “Thanks”.

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