OMFG, ANOTHER DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS IS HERE AND WE ARE ALL SHOPPING AND GIVING OUT GIFTS TO EACH OTHER OR EVEN CELEBRATING OUR LOVED ONES BIRTHDAYS….HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERRY CHRSITMAS AND HAPPY HANAUKKAH!! GraysbyGrace has been doing a lot by a lot I mean alottttttttttttt! Idk where to begin you see because it’s christmas, everything is happening, winter break for school (s), I am staying in beijing or your going somewhere for a while  and we are all excited .. OKI CALM DOWN GRACE , so for the “comme of Looks” my own lookbook ft different stylers out there went well not as awful as the other project I began because it wasn’t at all planned but sure wait for a second for the magic to happen!


(Disappear and appears again)


I forgot to tell you how I was so happy for doing the Winter concert today! IT WAS AMAZING! The featured photo shows it all  (I loved it so much) and I think it is the best ever!!  I performed two of my favorite songs chandelier and Thinking out loud by Sia and Ed sheeran! Now there was a certain message towards this:

Christmas is about sharing a laugh,love with your love ones and sometimes you are alone drinking a bottle of vodka/wine.  I guess these were the best songs to show these emotions. The choreography was self expression/mordern/contemporay/Jazz and I thought it was amazing!!!

(hearing a bang)

(Looking around) What was that? Did you actually hear that? That was not as loud as I scream?

(looking unsure) Hum? Oki Well, I guess there is a rumor that is going around in parts of Nora that a king is new on the throne and Eryn the Fire Bird Academy has just opened. L. Acele Acholate Ozhar has told me not to inform you of this cause this rumors can’t always be right! But I guess sometimes coming by Dare to enter will help to solve this mystery!

(reading a spell) Take me to the land of leaves far east, beneath the tress  


So I got looks that are coming and new holiday specials. I can’t tell you more but to say that they are going to be as excited as this one!!! 🎄

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