I LOVE GOLD….DIY floor cloth!


Haute Angel



So these little nuggets of love I call Buddy and Spike are pretty bad about peeing on my floors, especially Buddy. He’s a rescue dog, full-blooded Maltese and had been caged for 9-10 years. He was emaciated, hair long and matted, had all but a few teeth pulled, got microchipped, shots, fixed, the works. After being cleaned up and rescued by an amazing place called Saving Grace Pet Adoptions in Wake Forest, NC, the poor old guy just isn’t too hyped on going outside to pee pee. So we put puppy pads out and take him out A LOT! Spike has an occasional accident. End of story, it’s messing up my floors and they ruined a $500 carpet. Floor cloths have been used in homes since Colonial days. They can be painted in any design you like, then varnished with several coats…

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