What makes up the most beautiful woman?


“You are beautiful”, said a media.

You have just came through the most amazing experience of being told your beautiful but after looking into a media, everything changes.  Now I know how it feels to hear this and feel like you’re the most ugliest person in the world but I am going to make you think for a minute. What makes you sexy? What makes you a woman? When last did you ever look in the mirror and called yourself beautiful? When did you go shopping for cosmetics? You might think this is the stupidest questions that you have ever heard especially written by a teen but I am tired of women especially girls my age looking down on their image just because they “heard” a media telling them the opposite. It is strange to see that you don’t really wake up looking like a model going for a photo shoot or looking sexy after being splashed water by a car. Come on! sometimes you -got -to- face it! You have an ugly you and beautiful you! But I feel as a teen, media is trying to put me down! I don’t belive the most beautiful woman is known to be cute, pretty, hot and etc. I belive the most beautiful woman does not need to look like model! It is not the face that matters it is the personality! You need to be confident, be yourselves ,proud of who they are and etc. That is what makes up the most beautiful woman and if you are the above even if you have one of the traits above you are beautiful! Now to those people who put people in categories, leave them alone because you can be blue and be confident. You know what is scary to see is that the “ugliest” woman standing up tall and sexy! YES! you go girl who ever you are! NOW allow yourself to showcase that sexyness..stand tall baby!



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