Day 1: Fashion Icon Bonus

Todays Fashion Icon is Jodie Patterson an entrepeneur who is the “current co-founder of and an e shop.”  (check out for other brands ). Another one is Elliott Alexzander who is a blogger that wants to inspire gender variant in fashion/ style.

Being a dark skin and not a fan of makeup I tend to like turning to these small underground ideas and motivations even though I dislike them.Look at my sketches like “African Beauty” I used makeup …. but  back onto topic…Jodie Patterson is  based for “brown skin and textured hair products” according to the below article that wowed my eyes and ears.

What did you get? : I find this so encourage because after reading what blogger Elliott Alexzander was saying about gender variant and how hard it is to find shoes that fit him. As a heel sketcher I never thought of this! It’s quite sad and what most people will call it, selfish! I only thought of how comfortable a shoe should be made for “woman” and what it needs for it to be comfortable. I never thought of the male side hence we have amazing heel male dancers breaking a leg.

Review:  I never tried any of these products mentioned in any of these shops or from Elliott Alexzander but I am so inspired that it opens up what I want in my future signature heel? or if you are someone who is passing by, this might inspire you as much as it inspires me. Just collecting little notes of what people are doing to support certain things or start-up new styles can actually give you a better open-minded idea. In fact it helps decided what is missing in certain fashion puzzles, how people feel about their needs and wants.

During this year I am looking at color and light for my film “art” topic. Which I feel I should include in my shoe sketches as it does relate to it. I find it really annoying that most girls in my community wear bright makeup just to make them feel unique or  just coping what other people are wearing which is really showing in the style of what type of person you are to approach.Lets take to a heels point of view for example what type of heels are better with certain clothes? or what color should I wear with these heels? ( shoes/flats too).  I love heels so in the future if I come to a time where I need to make flats haha which I think is quite annoying to wear heels for hours for any gender, that time is today. These ideas give me strength to continue even though I haven’t made a single heel of my own. In conclusion color does MATTER! Light, dark and etc. you need to consider what color best fits you and this encourages other people to follow you so next time you walk out side with no match remember what I told you on this blog or any other blog. Another thing is consider going through other street stylers to give you some ideas. I go to Lookbook, polyvore( awesome for my inside styles), tumblr , of course Facebook, sometimes Instagram but I spend more time on the first two that I mentioned.

Elliott Alexzander thrift shop!!!

. graysbygrace †


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