Blogtober 1: Dear Future Me


If your reading this you are one of kind. You are strong,brave and somebody who does not give up.  I am so proud that you have gone so far with your dreams. It was practice that has taken you really far. I hope you have realized that if you major in minor things it will not take you anywhere and it is better not to preoccupy yourself with a lot of goals because honey stress! Have you seen yourself? Well, I bet you having fun and grinding. YOU ARE HUNGRY! HUNGRY TO SUCCEED! HUNGRY!



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Mood Board October



Yesterday, I was a flower.

All bloomed and rejected to have a groom.

Yesterday was my last,

I don’t know if I can take this but here I am…

I am a woman but don’t confuse

my role with my abilities.

I maybe shy but my voice can echo

Feel it as it can heal your narrowed heart

Let me end by saying this is not a piece of art.

Please, now you can depart!

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Portfolio: Digital Painting Techniques


Illusion Transparency

The illusion that your concealed emotions will leak out and others will read it.

So, I’ve decided to create another motion comic in which  take another approach towards digital painting. I’ve learned the method of sculpting in digital painting and try it out. Hence I felt  I needed an easy way to finish quickly my digital paintings but had to learn

what is easy is hard and what is hard is easy- Les Brown

There was some difficulties which is normal. I mean who does not at the beginning of their Adventure but I will not give up. I enjoy doing this and If I feel I need my lines back I will bring them back. But otherwise there is no need for now. I can’t really wait to do another.


20 Different Face Challenge


I’ve decided to use various types of techniques that I have learned in digital painting and do some fast Digital paintings. This is how a fast looking digital looks like.


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First time making a motion comic



So, I’ve decided to stick to one type of animation that I really enjoyed. I looked back in my journal and stop motion was one thing that I’ve been interested in. I want to incorporate both silhouette and cut out. I just love how it looks .  Everything is quite new and I am still new with doing animations.  The same rules do apply that means nothing will be easy. This also means more learning with walking cycles and exaggerations.


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Greyscale Digital Painting


First time doing greyscale

Last week, I decided to work on grey scale digital painting because I have realized how I wanted more attention on the eye make. While painting in color I noticed how high contrast the makeup and the face is. Adding on, I do admit I had  to learn about color theory which I have ignored for century.

final 3

Final animation for mystyle

A challenge that I have faced while doing my digital in grey scales is, I can’t really blend the varies layers. I learned about having a  base, blush, contrast and shadow layer but I don’t actually know how to blend them together. I don’t know if this is because I need to change the blending layers I just do not know how to go about it.

end of running

Animation for my style (ideas)

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The season of taking risk

I don’t really know but lately I have been taking risk as an artist such trying again to learn how to color digital paint.

Alien life

some people would say this is perfect but I am not really liking what I did here..nice try but good mistake.  Just because the color of the skin is challenging the eye makeup. I really want the eyes on the eye makeup. So, that is why I tried again.


As seen above these are characters that I have done for my animation on Youtube..yeah, that too needs a lot of improvement but I will get there. Anyways, I have decided to do grey scale painting  just because

A.  The eye makeup pops out more

B. This is much easier just because you are using only three colors  ..since it is gray.

Okay, you may be wondering why I am stressing on the eyemake ..well I have a pinterest account and one of my boards with the name ”makeup” is quite a hitter..idk what that means. I just want to do more of these just because they are amazing and quite me..not really a fan of heavy makeup nor do I wear makeup #naturalbeauty or something like.


I want to know what seasons are in right now? This is inspired by one of favorite Youtubers..a beauty and a doo you boo Queen..Yes!

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